Closed Cell Foam

Closed-cell spray foam has exclusive qualities that make it the most effective product for specific applications.

1. R-value– With an R-value of 6.5 per inch, closed-cell foam has the most insulating power in the industry.  This makes closed-cell foam very effective in small cavities and tighter framing.

2. Air barrier– Closed-cell foam creates an air barrier, unlike other insulations which allow air to pass through and around them.  Air sealing is as important, if not more important than R-value.  More than 25% of energy loss in a standard home happens through air leaks that other products do not account for.  Products that air seal are proven to perform at a much higher level than those that do not.

3. Vapor barrier– Closed-cell foam acts as a vapor barrier, which makes it the only product that can be used to divide a wet area from a conditioned space.  Since closed-cell foam is an air barrier and a vapor barrier, it is the ideal product to keep out moisture, mold, dust, pests or any other unwanted infiltrations.

4. Structural integrity– Foam is the only insulation product that is permanent.  Fiberglass and loose blown products are supplemented with “injection foam” on a daily basis because of their deterioration and lack of air sealing qualities. Closed cell foam is the only product that will add structural integrity to your building.

Common closed cell applications include:

  • New framing or construction
  • Crawl space ceilings
  • Corrugated metal or concrete
  • Foundations (or anything below grade)
  • Band joists, ductwork and much more…